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POLIFILM offers young professionals the chance to prove their skills in diverse corporate divisions. Whether followed by substantiated schooling or to enter into professional life after graduating from an institution of higher learning, we provide an ideal basis to launch a successful career.

At POLIFILM you will find a wide range of educational and developmental opportunities, for example with a technical or commercial background, at several locations in Germany.

POLIFILM offers a number of exciting and varied fields of work for those in school who want to prove their talent in an apprenticeship or graduates who want to make practical use of the knowledge they acquired during their studies.

From October 2017,POLIFILM will also offer the opportunity of a practical course of studies, with excellent prospects for the subjects of IT, industrial production and business management International Business. The dual course of studies is based on a standard period of study of three years. During this time, theory and practice will be conveyed in alternating regular intervals of 12 weeks. The basis for this is the trustworthy collaboration with our Universities of Cooperative Education, who promote and require the acquisition of qualified young employees, as part of the dual course of studies. 

Dual course of studies at POLIFILM
POLIFILM (Germany) | 04/24/2017

Dual course of studies at POLIFILM

The site in Weißandt-Gölzau is one of the leading training companies in Saxony-Anhalt, and from this year, will offer the opportunity of a practical course of studies, with excellent prospects! The…

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