Apprenticeship start at POLIFILM PROTECTION

Despite the corona pandemic, POLIFILM PROTECTION, one of the leading manufacturers of temporary protection films for industry and trade, is investing in the training of tomorrow's specialists: On 3 August, six young people started their apprenticeships at the company's Wipperfürth headquarters.

The prospective specialists undergo three-year training courses to become industrial managment assistants, machine and plant operators or skilled warehouse operators. However, the prospects extend far beyond the apprenticeship years - because POLIFILM PROTECTION trains for its own needs.

 "You can't complain about a lack of skilled workers and not train people yourself", explains Isa Onur Sahbaz, Commercial Director at POLIFILM PROTECTION. "That's why every year we give young people the opportunity to enter the profession and have decided not to make an exception in the year of the Corona pandemic. Our goal is to offer our successful graduates a future in our company and to show them attractive career paths".

Plant manager Martin Hummel agrees: "Our products are extremely versatile and operating our plants requires know-how that cannot be acquired everywhere. Specific expertise is necessary to operate them efficiently and safely and to achieve the quality our customers are accustomed to. We impart this knowledge within the scope of our practice-oriented, technical apprenticeships."

One of the new trainees is Nuray Yildiz. The prospective industrial managment assistant already feels at home at POLIFILM PROTECTION after only a few days. "I am glad that I have applied here. From the very first moment, I found it fascinating in how many areas our products are represented," says the 23-year-old. "What also attracted me was the multinationality and the fact that you work here in a family run business with a good working atmosphere. After the training, I would be nice to stay with the company - that much I can already say today.


Picture: The POLIFILM PROTECTION trainees 2020 
In the back: Kira Karthaus, industrial managment assistant; Anna Festerling, industrial managment assistant; Nuray Yildiz, industrial managment assistant; Msgna Mehari, machine and plant operator (from left to right) |  In the front: Hüysein Sabuncuo, machine and plant operator; Luke Justin Wolff, warehouse operator (from left to right)