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POLIFILM EXTRUSION receives IHK award for "TOP training company".

At the end of April, POLIFILM EXTRUSION was one of the TOP 5 training companies in the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district at a ceremony organised by the Halle-Dessau Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The company was awarded a certificate and trophy for its special commitment to vocational training. At POLIFILM EXTRUSION in Weißandt-Gölzau, this is characterised above all by the following:

  •  professional exam preparation by education centres as well as individual tutoring if required
  •  internal & external subject-specific further training according to occupational group
  •  Individual support by full-time trainers who regularly undergo further training in both technical and pedagogical matters.
  •  regular feedback & support meetings
  •  Bonuses & vouchers for good performance

- Attractive special benefits such as support for literature or travel costs, company health management (adapted hearing protection, adapted protective work shoes, computer glasses, safety glasses with prescription, etc.), company pension scheme.

What the trainees say

However, it was not only the training programme and its theoretical elaboration that were decisive for the award. The votes of the trainees themselves were also an important part of the application documents for the award. And these said, among other things:

"My training company is "Top Training Company 2023" because you can be exactly who you are here." - Celine W., 19 years

"Our training company is "Top Training Company 2023" because we have the opportunity to constantly develop our skills and we get the support and help we need from all our work colleagues and trainers." - Celine G., 24 years

"Our training company is Top Training Company 2023 because you feel like part of a big family right from the start and everything is offered for the development of the trainees. The wishes of the trainees are taken into consideration, which are also implemented to a reasonable extent." - Michelle, 24 years

The fact that this feedback is at least as valuable as the award itself can also be seen in the beaming faces of the recipients (see photo.). Laura Herrmann, the training coordinator at POLIFILM EXTRUSION comments "We are in constant exchange with our trainees, but to receive support with the application and feedback in such a form, that is then something very special."

Human Resources Manager Mario Straßberger adds "Of course, TOP training company is a figurehead and helpful in personnel recruiting. But more importantly, it is also a sign of recognition for the achievements of the training team and they do a fantastic job."

Would you like to start your own training at POLIFILM EXTRUSION? Then find out more and apply (Career & Job Opportunities (polifilm.com))