Contribution to CO₂ savings through the recycling of agricultural films

POLIFILM EXTRUSION receives Climate Protection Certificate from the initiative ERDE 

What do over 1.4 million trees and 13,433 tons of collected silage and agricultural stretch films have in common? The latter saves the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions when recycled as the former in Europe absorb every year: 19.483 tons.

Exactly this amount of CO₂ was saved in 2018 through the activities of the German initiative called ERDE. The initiative is committed to an environmentally friendly recovery system for agricultural films that relies on 100% recycling of collected used films. Farmers can dispose their used films at installed collection centers so that the material can be returned to the reusable material cycle. As a founding member and manufacturer of agricultural films, such as agricultural stretch films, POLIFILM EXTRUSION has been participating in the initiative since 2013 and is thus making its contribution to improving the climate balance. For this commitment POLIFILM has received the Climate Protection Certificate 2018.
In addition to participating in the ERDE initiative, POLIFILM fulfils its responsibility as a PE film manufacturer in many ways. The POLIFILM EXTRUSION site in Osterburken, for example, is participating in the Zero Granulate Loss initiative, which works against the littering of the environment with plastic waste.

About ERDE
Under the umbrella of IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. and in cooperation with RIGK as a system operator, ERDE organises the separate recovery and eco-efficient recycling of used agricultural films made from PE-LD (fraction 1) and PE-LLD (fraction 2) across Germany through collection partners. Agricultural services companies and farmers collect their crop plastics and take them – swept and cleaned of significant dirt – together to a collection point. The collection price is defined by the collection point directly. Recycling companies then process the collected material into new plastic raw materials.