Load security optimized for fresh food and plants

The Stretch film solutions POLIFLEXX Air & POLIFLEXX Breath by POLIFILM

  • Breathable stretch film solution for packaging & transport of fruit, vegetables, and plants
  • Quality preservation through breathability and avoidance of mold formation
  • German technology and quality standards

When it comes to transportation and packaging, plants, fruits and vegetables have one thing in common: to ensure quality they need air circulation.

For this reason, POLIFILM EXTRUSION has adapted the technology of perforated stretch films, previously used for industrial hot filling, to the packaging of these sensitive goods. The solutions POLIFLEXX Air and POLIFLEXX Breath, which are part of the well-known product line by the German extrusion specialist, are oxygen permeable and highly durable at the same time. They offer ideal load stability while preventing the formation of condensation water, waterlogging and premature mold formation. As a result, they maintain the quality of fruit and vegetables, among others, during transport.

This “breathable function” is realized by small holes that constantly spread over the film and have a diameter of 1.5 to 2.5 cm in the unstretched state, depending on the design. The high-quality raw materials used combined with POLIFILMS' experience in the production of recipes guarantee strong holding forces and reliable tear resistance despite the perforations.

POLIFLEXX Air with hole diameters of 2.5 cm is available as machine stretch film while POLIFLEXX Breath with smaller hole diameters of 1.5 to 2 cm is also available as a hand stretch solution. Both versions offer their users an easy handling due to their slip outside layer and the cling inside layer. In addition, they make their contribution to the circular economy, as they are 100% recyclable due to their Polyethylene base.

For more information and technical details please contact

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