New: DIN SPEC 91441

Test method for determination of peel strength of sealable packaging materials

It is hard to imagine everyday life without easy-to-open packaging, no matter whether the packaging solutions are flexible or rigid. In addition to the classic tear-open mechanism through perforation, the market is dominated by solutions whose "easy-to-open" functionality is based on peelable sealed seams. The aim of DIN SPEC 91441, in whose successful development POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH was involved, is to create a comparable standard for determining peel force.

DIN SPEC 91441 defines a test method for determining the peel force of sealable packaging material combinations that, together with the parameters specified therein, is intended to enable packaging material manufacturers, packers and machine builders to measure comparable peel force data.

"The evaluation is crucial to determine the suitability of sealable and peelable packaging materials for the production of easy-to-open packages in a practical way", says Dr. Gottfried Weyhe, who has supervised and promoted the project on behalf of POLIFILM EXTRUSION.

The special feature: the test setup is oriented to the real handling of consumers. Therefore, it is designed not only to determine the peel force value, but can also be used to simulate the error patterns that occur in package handling during packaging material testing.  This works if at least one sealing partner is made of flexible packaging material or can be easily deformed, because the test procedure is based on this constellation.

"Within the scope of our technical films, we deal with the peel strength and sealability of materials on a daily base in order to develop the appropriate solutions for our customers. The cooperation in the creation of standards for the evaluation of product properties is therefore of great importance to us", Dr. Weyhe comments on the commitment to contribute to the publication resulting from the project
“Peel Strength – Development and Standardisation of a Practical Test Method for Determining the Peel Seam Strength in Packaging Films” by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the funding announcement WIPANO – “Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards” (funding reference: 03TNG005C).

What is a DIN SPEC?

The DIN SPEC can be understood as a kind of preliminary stage of the DIN NORM. Unlike the DIN NORM, the DIN SPEC does not require a consensus, which means that it can be implemented within a few months. This is partly due to the fact that the responsible working group is much smaller in a DIN SPEC than in a DIN NORM. Nevertheless - the process of drawing up the DIN SPEC is very similar to that of the DIN NORM.