POLIFILM at Focus Rostfrei junior seminar

Wipperfürth, 8 March 2018 - Europe's leading specialist magazine for rust, acid and heat resistant stainless steels - "Focus Rostfrei" - invited POLIFILM PROTECTION GmbH to their annual junior seminar, as an expert, for the third year in a row. The company gave the next generation of potential employees an insight into the varied topic of protective films.

For four days, from 26 February to 1 March, the participants of the Focus Rostfrei Junior Seminar 2018 had the opportunity to get to grips with all the market relevant questions in the stainless steel industry. Manufacturing, process engineering, marketing and applications were on the agenda - and therefore also the protection of sensitive stainless steel surfaces, whether during deep drawing, storage, processing or transportation.

As in previous years, POLIFILM PROTECTION was nominated as an expert in this topic, and informed the next generation in the course of a company presentation about protective films. In doing so, the speakers dealt with the question of why protective films are optimally suited to temporary protection of surfaces, and what advantages they have in terms of process efficiency in processing stainless steel. They also conveyed how protective films are structured, and what characteristics various materials and adhesives must have, to fulfil the highly complex requirements of specific applications, such as deep drawing or laser cutting.

"Film is not just film" says Markus Wohlschlager, Sales Manager of POLIFILM PROTECTION Deutschland and a speaker on site. "I think that not only were we able to convey a great deal of expertise, we were also able to raise awareness of the fact that high quality protective films are tailored precisely to the relevant application of high-tech products. That is another reason why we were pleased to be involved again this year."