POLIFILM joins CEFLEX As one of the leading manufacturers of film solutions made of polyethylene, POLIFILM also supports the sustainable goals of CEFLEX, and is therefore a member and supporter of the project since the end of the year. Currently, more than 45 other companies are involved in the project, alongside POLIFILM.

The CEFLEX project was started in 2017 by several European companies, whose activities cover the whole added value chain of flexible packaging. The project should change the perception of recycling flexible packaging, and also sustainably characterise the implementation of future recycling possibilities in Europe.

The CEFLEX objective by 2020 is to develop and implement design guidelines in the course of recycling flexible packaging, and the identification of sustainable markets for secondary products, which occur when recycling this packaging. In addition, awareness should be raised of the added value that this packaging format has due to the measurable resource efficiency, waste avoidance and recycling advantages in general for the recycling economy.

The long term objective set for 2025, is to develop a collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure for flexible packaging all over Europe.


Pictures: CEFLEX