Protective films for designer surfaces

For some time, windows, doors and facades have been available in a wide variety of surfaces and finishes creating the most individual designs possible. POLIFILM PROTECTION's wide range of protective films offer an ideal solution to protect the most popular types of design. 

POLIFILM PROTECTION’s product range features high-performance protective films suitable for the latest contemporary surface finishes, which are becoming increasingly popular as manufacturers of plastic and aluminium profiles seek to keep up with the latest design trends. Aluminium profiles with fine grained surface finishes are ever more popular. Plastic profiles exhibiting deep embossed or extreme matt finishes, speciality grinding or sanding enhanced surface finishes are also en vogue.

These surface finishes pose a special challenge for manufacturers of protective films as the standard solutions commonly available on the market are limited in terms of their adhesion. The new solutions from POLIFILM PROTECTION provide the answer: films specially formulated for these new types of surface finishes; they are engineered to provide a particularly high adhesive strength. Their adhesive formulations guarantee stable and reliable performance from initial contact throughout the whole manufacturing and processing chain. The excellent flow properties of the adhesives ensure optimal anchoring to any of the desired surface structures.

As well as these new films, POLIFILM PROTECTION, the global protective film specialist, offers a large range of film solutions for the window industry such as plastic and aluminium profiles, films for glazing, plastic panels and coated metal sheets. 

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