For plastics with a future

POLIFILM is a member of the European Bioplastics Association

"Being at the cutting edge and discussing sustainable and alternative solutions together with other experts - is development and sustainability work.”, comments Dr. Bert Wölfli, Head of R&D POLIFILM. "The membership in the association European Bioplastics offers us exactly this platform and is also a trustworthy source and competent partner for the political decision makers of the EU. European Bioplastics provide balanced information about the developments in the biopolymer industry.  We, as a company, are also very interested in these future developments. The solutions that will come onto the markets in the future have to be well thought out regardless of whether they are bio-based, biodegradable or recyclable. Anything less merely leads to uncertainty and damages the image of the industry."

Even though the share of film production from bio-based polyethylene (PE) or biodegradable polymers (such as PBAT, PBS or PLA) is still very low at POLIFILM due to the price sensitivity of customers, sustainability and bioplastics are high on the agenda of the research and development department. 
POLIFILM, as a family-owned company, has been committed to the sustainable use of resources for many years. For example, POLIFILM Extrusion participates in the Zero Granulate Loss initiative, which aims to minimize the loss of plastic granules into the environment during production. Next to this the site in Weißandt-Gölzau has an in-house recycling for used films and reintroduces the resulting recycled material into the production processes. POLIFILM PROTECTION, the protective film division of POLIFILM, is working on solutions for sustainable production. Amongst other things, a total solvent recovery system is in operation at the production site in Wipperfuerth. As a result of an in-house developed waste heat system and the installation of a new control system for all heat generators and consumers, the company can now ensure that at any given time of operation no heat is wasted. Instead, only the heat required for production is produced and used.

„We see it as our responsibility to operate sustainably - for the success of the company as well as for future generations.“, Dr. Wölfli sums up the philosophy of POLIFILM. „It is therefore imperative that we are prepared for the future challenges that we face in the areas of alternative resources and processes as well as our responsible treatment of our environment. The membership of the association European Bioplastics is fundamentally important to assist in this regard.“.


The association European Bioplastics represents the interests of the thriving bioplastics industry in Europe. The members produce, refine, and distribute plastics that consist of renewable raw materials, are biodegradable or combine both properties.  More information can be found at: