Family owned company for 40 years

POLIFILM is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of extrusion and protective films with approximately 1,600 employees worldwide.

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries where our films play a vital part in their process, from automotive to agriculture, food to construction and packaging to waste management; we always provide the latest solutions for their needs.  Our focus on innovation ensures we are able to deliver the best products for our customers more efficiently.  As we produce and operate ourselves, we are able to understand and meet our customers’ special requirements whichever market they operate in.
At POLIFILM, we employ our own technicians and chemists within our research and development division, working at our in-house laboratory facilities throughout our production locations. Innovations are centrally coordinated throughout our internal Group platform. Our numerous patents reflect the success of our forward thinking strategy. We work closely with universities and research institutions, undertaking particular fundamental research.
In Germany, we offer our employees training opportunities in various technical and commercial fields in order to help continue our success and growth over the next 40 years. To ensure this future success we will maintain our self-propelled growth strategy, we will keep investing in the latest technological equipment, new markets and our employees alike.

With over 40 years success in the industry; POLIFILM is still a family owned company. This will continue for many years to come following the successful handover to the next generation of the Runkel family. POLIFILM’S founder, Mr Lutz Runkel, born in 1948, is the Director of POLIFILM GmbH. His sons were promoted into the management team in 2011. Mr Bastian Runkel, born in 1976, manages POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH whilst Mr Christian Runkel, born in 1979, manages POLIFILM PROTECTION GmbH.