POLIFILM is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of extrusion films and protective films with approx. 1,600 employees worldwide. 

Our customers come from all industries where films play a part in any form. From automobile to agriculture, from food to construction, from packaging to waste management. We are always up to the latest technological level for them. We hereby focus on innovations and efficiency - in order to be able to manufacture even better products even more efficiently for our customers. Because we produce and operate on site, we also know the special requirements in the respective market particularly well - and are therefore able to serve our customers accordingly. 

POLIFILM employs technologists and chemists in own laboratory facilities at all locations in the sector research and development. Innovations are centrally coordinated via a group platform, however, they are implemented decentralised in close cooperation. The growing number of patents emphasises the success of this future-oriented corporate orientation. We furthermore work closely with universities and research institutes, particularly in fundamental research.  

In Germany, we train in various technical and commercial occupations - last but not least because we know best what our employees must be capable of in order for us to continually grow over the next 40 years. Because that is precisely our goal. Until today, we are controlling our growth under own steam. For this reason we keep investing largely in the technological equipment of our productions and in our presence in new markets, as well as qualifying our employees. 

POLIFILM is more than 40 years old and family owned. That is to remain the case also for the next 40 years with the successful handover to the next generation. Today, the founder of the company, Lutz Runkel, born in 1948, is the Director of  POLIFILM GmbH. His sons were promoted to management in 2011, where Bastian Runkel, born in 1976, represents the POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH and Christian Runkel, born in 1979, the POLIFILM PROTECTION GmbH.

POLIFILM company presentation (Video)