Long term virus protection in a Polyethylene film


POLIFILM offers antimicrobial protection for industrial, commercial and public facilities

  • Film solutions for protection against, bacteria, fungi and viruses, including those of the Corona virus strain
  • For industrial, commercial and public facilities
  • Wide range of contact point applications from machine switches to school desks and public transport surfaces
  • Long-term effect for continuous protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Fully recyclable

Contact surfaces are the keywords when it comes to the spread of viruses and bacteria. A large number of pathogens, such as the coronavirus, enter the human body as a result of touching a contaminated surface followed by subsequent contact with entry points of the human body itself. Whether contact comes from a door handle, a lift button, a school desk, a grab handle on public transport, product packaging or a simple touchscreen, the range of surfaces with which people consciously or unconsciously come into contact with every day is almost endless. Comprehensive disinfection after every personal touch is often impossible. This is exactly where film specialist POLIFILM, headquartered in Cologne comes in with its antimicrobial solutions. These specially equipped films can be considered as a protective cover or secondary skin of the contact surface itself, killing a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including members of the Corona strain family upon contact.

"The surface disinfects itself, so to speak," says Mr Marc Luther, Head of Corporate Development and responsible for the project at POLIFILM, by illustrating the active principle. “Our antimicrobial film offers reliable and effective protection against viruses and bacteria as certified by ISO 21702: 2019 and ISO 22196: 2011. The benefits of this protection are already being felt, for example in Israel POLIFILM is involved in a project to supply surrounding schools with our antimicrobial film for school desks, thus helping to protect students and teachers alike. 

This unique protection property is made possible by a special addition to the metal-based film formulation, the so-called master batch. This ensures that ions continuously emerge from the film which damage the envelope of the viruses, similar to the function of a sanitiser or disinfectant, thus making the virus inactive. This low concentration additive has no effect on the human body.  

"The initial idea behind the product development came from our shareholder himself," says Mr Marc Luther, explaining the motivation for the product development, in which several of the company's international development teams were involved. "Our films offer a classic protective function for surfaces or products from the very beginning. The goal was to use the diverse application possibilities of our solutions as a starting point for numerous protective solutions and thus, make our contribution to limiting the pandemic."

POLIFILM is now developing this initiative. The company not only offers selected film solutions with antimicrobial properties, but also enables customers to request almost any film from its established self-adhesive protective film portfolio, packaging films, stretch and agricultural films with the additional antimicrobial function. This is to protect both the employees of the company as well as their customers and their customer’s customers along the supply chain. "From online mailing bags to a variety of machine handles to covering school desks, the range of applications are highly diverse. In addition, as a family-owned company, we are happy to work with interested parties to create new application possibilities" says Mr Marc Luther, expressing his openness to possible new areas of application.  

The ease of handling and durability of the protection mechanism are crucial for the wide range of applications and their success. Unlike cleaning solutions which only remove contamination that has already occurred, the POLIFILM solutions have a long-term effect. As long as the films are undamaged and free of heavy soiling, the antimicrobial properties are active for up to one month. Following which, the film can be easily removed and replaced in a matter of seconds. Sustainably is justified as a result of the polyethylene (PE) base of the films, which can be disposed of via the classic waste streams and be fully recycled.