POLIFILM France is a French manufacturer backed by a worldwide group and the only company to offer you a complete range of polyethylene films to protect any surface.

Our protective films are successfully used on a large variety of surfaces, such as polished or pre-coated metals, textiles, plastic sheets, PVC profiles and glass, as well as many other surfaces.

By applying our films, it means you can preserve your work's added value, as your products are protected against stains, scratches and wear. During the production process (folding, stamping, thermoforming, assembly,...) When being stored (resistance to UV lasting up to 12 months).

During transportation. Our clients are principally those who are active in various industrial sectors, such as steel, aluminium, plastics processing, textiles, timber, motor vehicles and aeronautics. From the automotive to the agricultural sector, from food to construction and from packaging to waste management, each business sector has its own particular market and legislative requirements which we endeavour to meet time and time again.