Excellence in films

POLIFILM is a family group which has been a specialist in polyethylene films for more than 45 years. Protecting surfaces is our area of excellence.

Global production, cutting edge technology in terms of extrusion and coating, qualified staff, independent laboratories forming an international R&D team, a commercial and global distribution network. We devise and create our own technical films, as well as all our adhesive compositions. We hold the quality of our films in high regard.

The quality of our products is inspected and monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process, from when they start as polyethylene granules through to when the coated film is complete. We develop our protective films in collaboration with our clients. We have been able to form reliable partnerships with mutual confidence and respect over the course of many years. As such, we have been able to establish specific, personalised services in terms of technical solutions, storage, safety, quality monitoring, processing, support (technical and commercial), transportation and recycling.

Every day, we are driven by our desire to develop new and innovative solutions which help to conserve the environment in order to meet the prospective requirements of our clients.