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Protection for Glass

POLIFILM PROTECTION produces several specialised solutions for the protection of glass surfaces which often require highly transparent or translucent films. Traditional protection mediums such as powder, offer reduced surface protection than our specifically engineered films. POLIFILM ensures full and complete surface safeguarding in all areas of glass protection; coated and none-coated glass included.

Some applications have little or no requirement to protect against the exposure to UV and weathering effects and can thus utilise an economical film. In other areas, protection against significant weathering requirements is essential, in some markets the film must withstand up to 12 months external exposure. POLIFILM can offer all solutions from coated and none-coated co-extruded films. Our standard acrylic adhesive films provide weathering resistance for up to six months whereas our UV stabilized film can be left on the surface for up to 12 months, to protect the insulated glass unit and window during an extended building phase.

The film's high level of transparency allow an immediate visual inspection of the surface. Our product range offers equal protection for both traditional window glass and low emission coatings alike. POLIFILM protection films are compatible with all types of materials that are used adjacent to glass window itself, materials used such as plastics, fibre boards and painted fascia’s can also be protected.

Nouveaux ! films de protection en largeur de 3220 mm.

Nouveaux ! films de protection en largeur de 3220 mm.

Fabrication sur mesure pour l'industrie du verre. Les feuilles de verre peuvent être recouvertes avec une seule largeur de film en une seule opération. Cela permet d'économiser du temps et de la matière et d'améliorer la protection de la surface.

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