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POLICYCLE is awarded the IQ Innovation Prize in the Chemistry/Plastics Cluster

Energy-saving recycling of adhesive-coated material and its return to the film cycle convinced the jury

The trophy on site

POLICYCLE Deutschland GmbH claims first place in the chemicals/plastics cluster in the anniversary year of the IQ Innovation Award of the European Metropolitan Region of Central Germany. The processing of previously non-recyclable adhesive-coated material in the form of protective films into a new film product prevailed over several rounds. This is because it addresses the major issues the industry is facing: Availability of recyclates, circular economy and energy and material savings.

Using the Fluff-to-Film technology, POLICYCLE recycles adhesive-coated protective films for the first time and processes the material inline into new films. Today these are garbage bags. By skipping an entire process step compared to conventional recycling, around 40% of energy and the associated emissions are saved in production. The end product, the garbage bag, is also three times thinner than the comparable standard while retaining the same strength.

“It is a great honour for us to be awarded the prize of the European Metropolitan Region of Central Germany, because it underlines what we see in this product: Solutions from the region. For the region.“

Michael KollManaging Director, POLICYCLE Deutschland GmbH

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The solution in 60 seconds

The POLICYCLE team’s motivation has been strengthened, as the award is further proof that the processing industry in Germany is fit for the future and that the circular economy is more than just a discussed media topic, but a tangible one, commented Denise Kirschbaum, POLICYCLE press contact, at the award ceremony in Merseburg Cathedral on 27 June 2024. The cluster prize is endowed with 7,500 euros and was jointly sponsored by Iqony GmbH and the German Chemical Industry Association – North-East Regional Association.

About the award

With the IQ Innovation Award Central Germany, the European Metropolitan Region of Central Germany promotes innovative, marketable products, processes and services in five industry-specific clusters. Four further cluster winners, the winner of the overall prize and the winners of the local IQ competitions in Halle (Saale), Magdeburg and Leipzig were announced at the award ceremony. more.

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