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POLIFILM celebrates 20 years in China

In 2004, POLIFILM PROTECTION made the strategic decision to enter the Chinese market and set up a sales office in Shanghai. Over the past twenty years, this has developed into a sales, production and development location that is of strategic importance for the Group’s business in Asia and worldwide.

Shortly after the company was founded, the regional business consisted of selling a limited range of protective films produced by POLIFILM in Europe. As sales grew the business expanded and the company took the step of becoming a producer in China. In 2006, the group opened its first production facility in Taicang and expanded further into the Asian market.

POLIFILM’s success story in China makes us all proud.


Over the years, the site in China has become a strategically important internal supplier within the POLIFILM Group and a sought-after market-leading development partner for customers in Asia, culminating in the commissioning of a state-of-the-art factory in Changshu near Shanghai in 2022. The factory was built from scratch by international specialists from the POLIFILM Group and uses the latest production technology to extrude carrier films and produce adhesive-coated and self-adhesive co-extruded protective films.

All  of the different coating processes which are used within the Group  are utilised in the factory, from water-based and solvent-based acrylate adhesives to adhesive systems based on natural rubber. An  extensive range of options are also available for customised printing and packaging of the films, covering the entire production cycle from PE granulate through to the finished film roll.

For me, POLIFILM China has always been one of the pioneers within the POLIFILM Group when it comes to dynamism and growth.

Christian RunkelCEO POLIFILM Group
Grace Gao, CEO POLIFILM China

Twenty years; in this timeframe, a child matures into an adult with great potential and endless possibilities,’ says Grace Gao, CEO of POLIFILM China, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary.

She has been there from the very beginning, has seen the company develop and her decisions have been fundamental in contributing to its growth. She promises: ‘We will relentlessly pursue our concept of excellence, from China, with an international perspective. We will offer customers even better products and services, actively respond to market changes, have the courage to overcome challenges and remain a leader in the industry.’

Christian Runkel, CEO of the POLIFILM Group looks back and also into the future on the anniversary: ‘For me, POLIFILM China has always been one of the pioneers within the POLIFILM Group when it comes to dynamism and growth. China enables companies to turn visions into reality like hardly any other country – if you have a great team and external supporters. I am looking forward to the opportunities that will be available to us there.’

Paul Beaver, CEO of POLIFILM PROTECTION adds: ‘POLIFILM’s success story in China makes us all proud. We are the first global protective film manufacturer to produce in this part of the world and have the necessary supply chain completely under our own control. We will continue to invest in our great local team and technological capabilities to continue the positive development of recent years and offer an even wider range of products from a single source.’

For those who weren’t there and for the company chronicle – here are a few impressions of the celebrations.

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