Agricultural Stretch Films

For best feed quality in bale format

Whether retailer, contractor or farmer, everyone benefits from the all-round agricultural stretch film. Because The 7-layers agricultural stretch film from POLIFILM meets the highest demands on forage quality, is easy to handle and a real benefit for economical silage. TECBALE is extremely robust with optimum elongation at break and puncture resistance. It closes the cut safely from air due to its strong adhesion. The sophisticated layer technology of the film including UV absorber ensures an ideal fermentation climate inside the bale. The uniform film thickness produces - on all common wrapper types - stable bales that can be safely transported and stored. 

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Particularly resistant due to blow extrusion
  • Time-saving thanks to smooth operation
  • Cost-reducing due to reliable silage process and well thought-out film thickness
  • High quality raw materials, processing and service
  • Guaranteed feed quality for cattle, horses & Co.through permanent quality controls and the use of high-quality raw materials
  • 100 % recyclable due to PE base
  • UV resistant up to 12 months

Verfügbar in 3 Farben und in 500 & 750 mm Breite

Advantages for all
With TECBALE, POLIFILM focuses on quality far beyond the product - along the entire value chain (click here).There is a plus for every level, no matter whether trade, contractor or agricultural business.

Short and to the point - for contractors & farmers who harvest their own crops
When silage is harvest, our films are primarily work equipment. However, our aim is that they are rather aids for the user. TECBALE is therefore:

  • easy to use
  • has a low-noise level
  • extremely adhesive 
  • representative for a reduced roll change
  •  suitable for all common wrappers- and bale formats (round and square bales, standard & maxi-format)

Moreover we offer on-site service, if unexpected challenges should arise. In addition the high quality of the film adds value to the your own working qualityecause it secure high quality silage as well as transport protection.

Short and to the point - for farmes feeding silage wrapped in TECBALE

  • high-quality raw materials and constant quality controls for assured feed quality
  • film MADE IN GERMANY with  intelligent 7-layer technology to ensure an ideal fermentation climate inside the bale
  •  outer side suitable for writing on for a preces feeding management

Short and to the point - for retailers
POLIFILM is a partner of the distribution industry - in Germany and throughout Europe. This is why we rely on long-standing relationships, which are based on
intensive exchange and active sales support. Because only well advised customers are satisfied customers.

  •  on-site service
  • quality MADE IN GERMANY
  • attractive models for delivery times, storage and logistics.

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