Agricultural Films

Breathable Stretch Films

POLIFLEXX AIR & POLIFLEXX BREATH – The Breahtable Stretch Films Solutions

Originally designed for hot fillings in the food and beverage industry, POLIFILM has adapted the Polyethylen (PE) based solutions to the agricultural market. Whether it is about the packaging of fruit and vegetables or the transportation of plants – POLIFLEXX Breath and POLIFLEXX air ensure the quality of the wrapped goods by allowing oxygen to pass through and prevent mould formation. At the same time the perforated solutions offer optimized load security comparable to other high-quality stretch films.

Your Benefits

  • Excellent load unit security - qualified for box and pallet wrapping
  • Optimized conditions to maintain quality of packed goods like fruit, vegetables, plants - by preventing mould formation and enabling oxygen circulation
  • Cost saving compared to standard stretch films
  • Enviornmental friendly due to reduced material usage and 100% recycability

Sustainable Quality 

As one of the leading German manufacturers of PE film solutions, quality and sustainability play an important role for POLIFILM. For this reason, only selected and high-quality raw materials are used in POLIFLEXX films. The film experts focus on material reduction while maintaining the properties. Thanks to its PE base, POLIFLEXX AIR & BREATH are also 100% recyclable. Hereby the disposal is facilitated and at the same time a contribution to the circular economy is made.

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