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POLIFILM greenhouse films provide robust protection from hail and other negative weather effects. They are extremely easy to lay out and are suitable for all types of greenhouses. From large farms to small gardens, exceptionally fast yet customised installation is possible because measuring is carried out on an individual basis and according to customer specifications.

As thermal insulation in greenhouses, our coextruded greenhouse films are an economical yet effective alternative to other materials.

The films offer UV protection for up to five years meaning they are also suitable for use in regions with a high UV index such as in indoor agriculture in Central and Southern Europe.

POLIFILM is able to adapt the films to the exact climatic conditions of diverse regions upon customer request. Supplementary features such as anti-thaw or anti-heat can be integrated as well. With the aid of special additives, the level of light penetration can also be controlled – increased, decreased or scattered.

Depending on the design, greenhouse films can be used for up to five years and are 100% recyclable. For the sake of environmental friendliness, POLIFILM greenhouse films can be returned to the resource cycle.

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