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TECBALE SICO - Net Replacement Film

More Safety In Process And Feed 

TECBALE SICO is the netwrap alternative for all those who focus on quality and safety. The net replacement film from the German film specialist POLIFILM meets and exceeds all the requirements of a classic net. It offers faster air exclusion and more compact bales for an even better silage process in combination with silage films. This leads to a higher energy content of the silage and thus supports the milk production of the cattle.
Furthermore, it acts twice as safely for the livestock. In addition to reduced probability of mould formation, it can be removed easily and without leaving any residue. With the TECBALE SICO, net pieces left behind in the feed and thus sources of danger are a matter of the past.

Benefits At A Glance 

  • More compact and stable silage bales
  • Better conservation due to an additional layer of film
  • No residues in feed
  • Easy disposal - 100 % recycable

Sustainable Quality 

As one of the leading German manufacturers of PE film solutions, quality and sustainability play an important role for POLIFILM. For this reason, only selected and high-quality raw materials are used in TECBALE SICO films. Thanks to its PE base, TECBALE SICO is also 100 % recyclable. Hereby the disposal is facilitated and at the same time a contribution to the circular economy is made.

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