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POLIFILM's coextruded silage sheets provide optimal coverage for grass or maize silage in bunker silos thereby ensuring the best conditions for high quality feed to be produced. Your feed will have better protection due to the excellent mechanical properties of the film. The already convincing effects of the film can be increased when used in combination with underlayer film.

Our silage sheets are available in a variety of colour combinations and last up to 15 months with UV protection.

POLIFILM silage sheets are folded 16 times – a unique selling point as this requires very little storage space and effortless handling is guaranteed.

POLIFILM provides customers with optimal formulas for certain applications. The highest of quality demands and quality assurance processes provide reliable assurance that the films have the highest level of puncture resistance.

POLIFILM is one of the founding members of the Recycling Initiative ERDE: After use, the films can be brought to collection points where they can find their way back into the resource cycle.


POLIDUPLEX is a combination of transparent underlayer and black & white silage sheet both wrapped onto one roll. POLIDUPLEX provides double protection in half the installation time, is very resistant to tearing and punctures yet very elastic.


With this silver-green/black silage sheet, a patented formula creates a unique surface that guarantees maximum heat reflection.

Overall, SUN REFLECT convinces with outstanding mechanical properties.

Standard silage sheet

Our standard silage sheets are available in black/white, green/white, white/white, black/black and green/black and last up to 15 months with UV protection.

Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity, handling is exceptionally easy.

The special manufacturing process of extrusion without the use of reclaimed rubber guarantees high durability, stability and resilience.

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