Antimicrobial Films

Self-adhesive Films

Hygienic surface protection against viruses, bacteria and germs

Whether in the office, on public transport, withdrawing money at an ATM or simply shopping, we cannot avoid contact with many surfaces that could potentially be contaminated with pathogens.
This is exactly where POLIFILM PROTECTION's solutions come in. The newly developed antimicrobial films form an effective and safe protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses including those of the corona type too. With the ability to be applied to almost any surface, these self-adhesive films reduce the risk of infection through transmission with immediate effect!

Wide range of applications

From cultural places to medical facilities, industrial areas to commercial and public spaces, these films can be used to protect against infection, viruses and bacteria. Private individuals in their homes can also enjoy the security these films provide.

There are an endless number of contact surfaces we encounter everyday where the importance of hygiene is often underestimated, below are just a few examples:

  • School desks, workstations, shop and bar counters, light switches, door handles, domestic appliances, payment terminals for a start!
  • Computer and telephone touch screens, keyboards, control panels, remote controls, card payment terminals
  • And so many more.

Total surface protection 

These films are effective immediately and reliably fight against viruses (including coronaviruses), bacteria & fungi. 

  • External laboratory tests confirm that 99.9% of viruses are killed after only one hour following contact with the film’s surface. 
  • Protects 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
  • Long shelf life - as long as the film is undamaged & clean, its antimicrobial properties are active for up to a month
  • Safe for humans & animals
  • 100% recyclable

Easy to handle

The transparent, self-adhesive film can be applied by hand in seconds and is suitable for almost any surface.

  • Can be easily removed and replaced by anyone, no specialist equipment is needed.
  • Available in a variety of handy sizes in many film widths for easy on-site application.
  • Perforation and printing are also possible.
  • Easy and quick to remove, will not tear or leave adhesive residue on surfaces.


Good to know:

Comprehensive protection for you, your customers and employees

Whether you are a retailer or a protective film user, everyone benefits from these films which offer additional protection. Almost every film in the POLIFILM PROTECTION film portfolio can be engineered with the antimicrobial property whilst maintaining the usual POLIFILM high standards of excellence.


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