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Drawstring Sacks

Products in this sector are used for recyclables and rubbish such as in private households, in public institutes, clinics or on construction sites.

Drawstring sacks are produced in a variety of versions including drawstring sacks made of LDPE or drawstring sacks made of HDPE that are particularly stable but light for extreme strain with a high tensile strength.

All versions are available in an assortment of colours and with one-sided, monochrome print. The drawstring sacks are wrapped onto a roll and delivered secured with a sleeve – with your choice if perforated for separation or interleaved. The rubbish bags and sacks provide a reliable shield against the contents' moisture and odour while their good mechanical properties as well as high elasticity ensure that even rubbish with sharp edges or points remains securely enclosed.

Thanks to the high-quality drawstrings, depending on the requirements and requests of the customer, these drawstring sacks are easy to transport.

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