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Rubbish Bags & Sacks

POLIFILM rubbish bags and sacks are exceptionally robust and provide a reliable shield against the contents' moisture and odour.

Due to their high elasticity and good mechanical properties, even rubbish with sharp edges or points stays securely enclosed. All types are perforated for separation, wrapped onto rolls and delivered secured with a sleeve. The excellent perforation ensures easy separation meaning use is practical and user friendly.

Despite the thinner material, the products are highly resilient and at least as robust as heftier ones because stability and strength are guaranteed. The quality of these products is permanentely tested.

POLIFILM rubbish bags and sacks are used to contain recyclables and rubbish. They are available in the following versions: Bottom seam sacks with side fold, bottom seam sacks with C-fold, bottom seam sacks with V-fold, bottom seam sacks with G-fold.

Special attention is paid to targeted use of certified recycled materials. Selecting recycled films ahead of time ensures sustainable, top-quality and efficient production.

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