Protection Films

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The wide and varied selection of protection film types from POLIFILM comprises more than 500 highly developed products and systems. Furthermore, our modular production components allow customised combination with individualised surface protection.

Polyethylene has proved itself as the primary raw material for this type of film. For more specialised applications, other select polyolefins as well as polyester or barrier film can be used as a carrier material.

For the adhesive system, in addition to natural rubber adhesive, we use water-based or solvent-based acrylate adhesives.

Our coextruded protective films have their basis in synthetic rubber as well as TPOs, TPEs and mPEs.For very precise and prompt implementation of specialised requirements, our customers also have access to the application-oriented POLIFILM product development.

Our system and development competencies:

  • Surface protection film up to three meters in width
  • Tried and tested natural rubber adhesive (in-house adhesive manufacture)
  • Solvent-based and water-based acrylate adhesive systems
  • Coextruded protective films without adhesive coating
  • Special bonding systems (thermal laminate film and corona protective film)
  • Film printing service (e.g. with client logo) up to three meters in width
  • Over-laminate protective film with high abrasion resistance as well as other positive qualities

POLIFILM has been successful in the business of self-adhesive surface protection films for over 40 years. As one of the largest and most experienced suppliers in the world, we have a large assortment of products for almost any surface or requirement.

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