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Clear Protection | Fibre Laser

With the PF34C laser protection film, POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed the first highly transparent protection film for fibre lasers. It offers a distinct advantage, by enabling continuous visual inspection throughout the entire production process. 

Reliable quality. Less scrap.

The PF34C makes quality control much easier. Unlike coloured protective films, the PF34C does not have to be removed for visual inspection. This saves time and improves  production efficiency. The transparent film means any potential defects can be easily during processing and not only once complete, thereby helping to reduce the rejection rate.

No more mistakes.

This applies just as much to costly mix-ups: Sheet structure, pattern and coloured coatings of the sheet are identified at a glance thanks to the transparency of the PF34C. It is virtually impossible to take the wrong sheet from stock, prepare it and process it. 

High cut quality. Residue-free removal.

The adhesive formula of the laser protection film has been specially engineered to guarantee optimum adaptation to different surfaces. This creates the adhesion necessary to effectively prevent blistering when cutting or during cutting. The cut itself is precise and free of burrs and carbon deposits. Finally, the protective film can be easily removed upon process completion without tearing and without leaving any residues. 


Advantages of PF34C laser protection film

  • High transparency for optimal visual inspection
  • Easy alignment of grain directions and patterns
  • Precision cutting, burr and carbon free edges
  • Optimised adhesion, no bubbling
  • Quick and clean removal
  • Multi-purpose – can also be used on CO2 lasers


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