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The need to restrain the cutting speed when using fibre lasers is over. With the help of a special film formulation and special additives, it was possible to optimally adapt the absorption capacity of the PF84C laser protection film to the wavelength of the fibre laser. 

More productivity. Higher output.

Technically translated, this means that the laser beam is completely absorbed and converted into melting heat. For the operator it means that the laser cuts through the workpiece and protective film in a single step at maximum feed rate whilst still maintaining its first-class cut quality. Even when processing aluminium and other highly reflective metals, the PF84C significantly improves absorption - and thus the cutting process. 

Optimum adhesion. Bubble-free cutting.

However, the PF84C can do even more: it ensures maximum quality, reduces reworking and helps to avoid rejections. Its adhesive adapts ideally to the substrate and creates precisely the right adhesion that reliably prevents bubble formation during piercing or cutting. Complex cutting geometries with clean, burr-free edges at maximum cutting speed? No problem! Because the laser protection film is also extremely tear-resistant, it can easily withstand subsequent bending, folding or punching and can still be removed safely and without leaving any residue.

Protects laser nozzles. Reduce cleaning requirements. 

Last but not least, the PF84C reduces downtime because when it is used the laser nozzles get less dirty than when conventional films are used. As a result, they need cleaning less often and so the machine running time is improved thus increasing productivity.

Advantages of the PF84C laser protection film

  • Maximum speed when cutting with the fibre laser
  • High cutting quality without burrs or traces of carbon
  • Low contamination of the laser nozzle
  • Easily removed - leaves no residue and doesn’t tear
  • UV-resistant up to six months
  • Functional print
  • Can also be used on CO2 lasers


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