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    The processing of thin sheets, such as those widely used in the manufacture of domestic and professional appliances, differs significantly from the processing of conventional sheets. This is because the risk of unintentionally bending the protected sheet increases with decreasing thickness during film removal. That is why POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed protective films that are optimised for sheets up to 0.8 mm thick. Users benefit from time savings through accelerated processes, high productivity, low scrap rates and clean, burr and carbon free cut edges.

    Three films, three solutions 

    The portfolio for thin sheets currently comprises three proven laser protection films: The PF582CS universal protection foil offers reliable all-round protection. The transparent protective film PF32C enables constant quality control when cutting with a fibre laser. And the PF82C allows maximum cutting speeds during fibre laser cutting. They all prevent bending while ensuring maximum efficiency, productivity and quality.

    Tension-free lamination

    POLIFILM PROTECTION laser protection films for thin sheets have an unwinding behaviour that is tailor-made for thin sheet processing. As a result, they can be unrolled quickly and laminated without tension. The sheet remains absolutely flat and even, so that it can be optimally processed and cut with high quality.

    Easy, safe removal

    The special laser protection films for thin sheets also show their strengths when it comes to removal. Their special adhesive formulation and tear-resistant structure allow them to be removed from the sheet without residue, easily, quickly and, above all, without the risk of bending - regardless of the size and geometry of the component or the cutting design. 

    Uncompromised protection

    Like the laser protection films for conventional sheets, the films for thin sheets make no compromises when it comes to protection and optimal results. They guarantee excellent adhesion and effectively prevent blistering during piercing and cutting. 



    • Three film technologies for different applications
    • Tension-free unwinding
    • Easy, residue-free removal without bending
    • Excellent adhesion properties
    • Perfect, burr and carbon free cut edges
    • Higher efficiency and productivity



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