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Protection for Aluminium

POLIFILM has an extraordinarily large assortment of different types of film for efficient protection of soft, high-quality and sophisticated aluminium surfaces. Because aluminium is highly sensitive, in this field of application the quality of the film is particularly important. Decades of experience have made POLIFILM the first choice of suppliers in this field.

Examples of its use are high-gloss aluminium for lamp reflectors or decorative moulding made of rolled strips of aluminium such as on furniture or on or in vehicles.

With POLIFILM protective films, both press rolled aluminium surfaces and glossy or high-gloss, anodized aluminium surfaces are well protected. In addition to natural rubber adhesive, which is adequate traditionally, water-based adhesives are also used and some with easy peel properties.

Our practical innovations promise more efficiency for use in processes. In this way, for example, our films with very few specks require drastically less time for removing the film due to its easy peel effect.

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