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Protection for Glass

POLIFILM provides several specialised solutions for protecting glass surfaces. For this purpose, transparent or even translucent films are generally used. These films serve to protect glass from scratches or even low-emission coating. When compared to other commercially available solutions (such as powder), this solution also provides the best shatter protection.

For applications involving only short exposure to the effects of light or weather, films with natural rubber adhesive have been developed which can also be used for coated glass. For applications with higher demands for weather resistance, films with acrylate adhesives are used which provide weather resistance for three to six months. One UV stabilized film developed by POLIFILM to be applied to construction insulating glass can even be left on surfaces for up to 12 months (such as for protecting windows in the building phase).

The film's high level of transparency allows visual inspection of the surface. The film offers equal protection for both traditional window glass and low-emissions coating or surfaces with a lotus effect for renovations or in the construction industry. The film functions on all types of materials that are used close to windows whether stone or plastic window sills, etc. It can even be used to protect process aids during manufacture of plate glass.

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