Protection for Glass

Glass Protection Renovation

Glass protection films from POLIFILM PROTECTION protect the glass surface during renovation or maintenance work whether inside or outside. During painting and façade work, they protect glass and many other surfaces against paint, lacquer, plaster and moisture. Their excellent adhesive properties and optimum weather and UV resistance also ensure that the film can remain on the surface to be protected for up to six months, subject to the film type. Once the work is finished they can be easily removed without tearing or leaving any adhesive residues behind.    

Ideal protection for windows, door frames and more

The glass protection films from POLIFILM PROTECTION are self-adhesive. They do not slip or move and adhere securely to the surface making them an ideal solution during renovation. Applied with a few simple steps, they reliably cover sensitive surfaces. In addition to windows and doors, they are also equally suitable for wooden surfaces, stone floors, ceramics as well as PVC or painted and powder-coated materials. 

A well thought-out solution 

The films are available as either transparent or coloured-transparent allowing daylight into the room where they are used, enabling renovation work to be carried out under natural lighting conditions. Simply use them as they are! Transparent films allow the daylight to transmit through without compromise. The coloured-transparent films are easily recognisable on the protected surfaces whilst also allowing visual inspection due to their translucency. Handling is also made easier as a result of the handy roll format. 

Available in many film widths including 125, 250, 500, 600, 750 and 1,000 mm.

Glass protection films from POLIFILM PROTECTION at a glance:  

  • Reliable protection: of glass surfaces and many other materials during renovation work
  • Resistant:  to paint, lacquer, plaster and moisture
  • Easy handling: easy to apply, secure fit and residue-free removal
  • Recyclable: environmentally friendly disposal
  • Handy: available in 100-meter roll in a wide range of widths

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