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Protection for Laminates

POLIFILM films have already acted as protection for ornamental laminates for years. Because the films can be used on a very broad range of surfaces, they significantly reduce the complexity of material use in everyday practice. The film offers protection from mechanical (scratches) or chemical (e.g. from solvents) damage during transport, storage and processing. Furniture and decorative support elements are common uses for protective film products from POLIFILM.

Modern protective films remain on the surface throughout the process chain thereby saving the user unnecessary costs for additional steps. Waste and expensive re-working are avoided. Printing allows additional benefits (advertising, processing notes, etc.). Moreover, transparent films allow protected surfaces to be inspected at any time.

This type of film, optimised for the user, protects a broad spectrum of diverse ornamental surfaces.

Depending on the degree of gloss of the surface, systems that are either slightly adhesive or strongly adhesive are used. Also for especially high standards required to protect 2D and 3D mould laminates, POLIFILM delivers the right solutions. For this, protective films without adhesive coating produced with a multi-layer technique are particularly well-suited.

Just as with product quality, POLIFILM sets an example for environmental orientation: PE is 100% recyclable and burns without leaving a residue. When possible, we make use of water-based adhesive systems. Applications without adhesive coating save energy, time, material and solvents.

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