Protection Films

Protection for Prepainted Metals

Prepainted metal sheets can be found just about anywhere. They are used in interior and exterior design, domestic and trade appliances, car manufacturing alongside a myriad of other applications. 

Manufacturers are faced with a challenge: How to protect the coated surface against scratches and other damage during the manufacturing processing all the way through until storage and delivery. 

Protection films for a variety of coatings 

POLIFILM PROTECTION offers the solution. It includes a range of protection films specifically developed for prepainted metal sheets. They provide protection and ensure efficient processing, preventing cost intensive reworking by reducing scrap and rejection rates. 

The POLIFILM PROTECTION range includes the following highly specialised films for:

  • coating systems (polyester, PUR, PVDF, PVC Plastisol)
  • decorative films (PVC, PVF, PE/PP, PET) 
  • powder coatings

Ideal properties for any surface structure

Especially for prepainted metal sheets, POLIFILM PROTECTION supplies adhesive coated protection films in various colours, transparent or black and white as well as co-ex cast extruded films, which have the adhesive already integrated into the film. Every protection film is perfectly adapted to the individual paint system, surface structure and production processes in respect of the choice of adhesive, adhesive strength, UV, weather resistance and mechanical resilience. Effective, surface compatible protection with fast, residue free removal.

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