Protection Films

Protection for Prepainted Metals

POLIFILM produces protection films for polyester-based paint systems with a wide variety of gloss levels, plastisol and PVDF-based paint systems. Highly tear-resistance films with different levels of adhesive force are used in these systems to fulfil the special requirements for film strength while shaping painted surfaces. 

An alternative to protecting pre-painted sheets in particular is highly innovative adhesive-free film (thermal laminate film).

All types of film guarantee reliable protection of surfaces, especially while using heavy tools such as vacuum lifting equipment. UV stabilised film allows prompt storage and utilisation outdoors for up to 12 months.


Sandwich panel, ACP (also for digital printing), painted aluminium profiles, dirt-repelling, hydrophobic surfaces such as home appliances (refrigerators, televisions, etc.) are typical application fields for this type of film.

This selection includes transparent as well as black & white films, which can also be printed according to individualised customer specifications.

Resource efficiency and sustainability are further strong plus points for POLIFILM products: In this way, cutting-edge HS films reduce material use by more than 50% and special surface treated films prevent coil collapse. The consequence of using these films is less scrap. Furthermore, POLIFILM adhesive systems are water-based and therefore environmentally friendly.


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