Protection for Prepainted Metals

Coil Coating

The market for coil coated metal sheets has grown significantly in recent decades. The largest consumer of these is the construction industry, followed by white goods manufacturers and the automotive industry. Depending on the application, a wide variety of paint systems can be used, but the requirement for a flawless appearance is necessary whatever the application.

POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed several protective films for anyone performing coil coating to provide freshly coated surfaces with additional protection from scratches or paint abrasion, during extended storage periods or long transit routes.

The right film for every application

With three protective film technologies, POLIFILM PROTECTION has the solution to all essential production requirements and guarantees coil coaters excellent protection for their surfaces, whilst at the same time ensuring maximum process efficiency. Hot lamination film and co-extruded speciality solutions are available with outstanding properties for their specific field of application, as well as adhesive coated protective films that can be adapted to almost any application.

One film for all surfaces

POLIFILM PROTECTION’s hot laminating films (HLF) have been specially developed for coil coaters who have an integrated hot laminating device in their coil coating line and laminate the protective film onto the coil whilst still hot as soon as the coating layer has dried. In addition to outstanding protection during the entire application process, HLF technology from POLIFILM PROTECTION offers three important additional advantages:

  • Coil coaters only need one protective film for all coating systems and gloss levels.
  • The film consists of pure polyethylene and can therefore be separated and recycled.
  • No adhesive is required which means that the film can be quickly removed without leaving any residue.

The film solution which prevents coil collapse

The co-extruded protective film for coil coaters, having the adhesive already integrated into the film, is laminated at the end of the production process. This means it can be removed easily without compromising adhesion and protection and without leaving any residue, just like a HLF film.

Co-extruded films also offer particular advantages for coil coating:

  • They are thin and light but still retain a high degree of rigidity which allows them to stabilise steel coils and significantly reduce the risk of coil collapse. 
  • Stable steel coils with up to double the coil length are possible.
  • Scrappage rates are reduced whilst productivity increases.

Available in various widths

Adhesive coated films from POLIFILM PROTECTION are laminated onto the surface at the end of the coil coating line and are available in a range of widths. Each type of film provides excellent adhesion and protection properties and residue free removal for each area of application, coating system and gloss level. 


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