Protection Films

Protection for PVC Profiles

POLIFILM has a broad assortment of transparent, white, black and black & white films for protecting PVC and aluminium profiles. Both film quality and choice of adhesive follow each customer's specifications. Window frames/sills made of PVC or aluminium, painted and unpainted, doors, benches and much more are representative of products that can be used for prevention.

In general, PVC profiles are protected with white or black & white films. For this purpose, natural rubber adhesive is particularly well-suited as lifting the film during processing (e.g. while sawing) can be avoided. For aluminium profiles, we primarily use printed black & white or black films.

The UV stabilised film allows for storage or even use outdoors with the film remaining on a surface for up to 12 months (e.g. as protection throughout a project until it is finished).

A special surface treatment reduces dynamic friction and helps the user complete his processes perceptibly faster. POLIFILM customers can print advertising texts or processing instructions directly onto the film enabling them to save on further process steps and costs. Laminating the printout with another film is unproblematic and the best way to protect it.

Gratifying and environmentally friendly recycling: Surface and film can be recycled together.

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