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Protection for Stainless Steel

POLIFILM offers a broad range of films for protecting stainless steel with all typical levels of surface or finish quality. From surfaces with a larger roughness depth to high-gloss surfaces such as 3D or BA, any sort of stainless steel can be protected reliably. Common applications are stainless steel coils and plates (e.g. lifts) as well as decorative and constructive stainless steel for typical kitchen applications (refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers, etc.).

Customers in this product sector are usually service centre agents. Here sheets are sanded, brushed, polished or cut. POLIFILM provides an attuned adhesive force on the polished section. In order to identify the direction of the polish lines, the protective film is printed with arrows and stripes.

Safeguarding and accelerating production: POLIFILM films provide reliable protection for especially demanding processes such as deep drawing or laser cutting. We would like to highlight our new universal laser film (ULF II) which can be used for both CO² lasers and fibre lasers as well as for faster machine speeds.For deep draw processes, a particular POLIFILM product advantage is fewer restoring forces. These can be equipped with "Easy Peel" properties thereby increasing the haul-off speed, which improves the process efficiency.

Our assortment includes transparent and translucent as well as white and black/white films in thicknesses between 25 µm and 120 µm. Films from POLIFILM with few specks are especially well-suited for decorative applications where appearance is particularly important.

Efficiency and environmental relief: PE film replaces traditional, more expensive materials thereby ensuring more profitability for your applications. With PE film, moreover, the use of oil and lubricants during manufacture is reduced by more than 90%. And most importantly: PE is a substitute for the environmentally damaging PVC all over the world.

White laser film for CO2 laser cutting

New generation. Universal Laser Protection Films for CO2 & fibre laser

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