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Protection for Stainless Steel

POLIFILM PROTECTION offers a wide range of films for the protection of Stainless Steel for each and every surface finish. From patterned and rough finishes to high gloss polishes and Bright Annealed, all Stainless Steel surfaces are covered. Our films are applied to Stainless Steel in all forms; cold rolled sheets and coils to hot rolled plates too. We protect all applications such as lifts, decorative panels and construction products alongside domestic appliances such as refrigerators, cooker hoods and dishwashers. All are safely covered.

POLIFILM PROTECTION manufacture adhesives systems in-house which are specifically engineered for Stainless Steel. Surfaces which are polished either with an abrasive belt or polishing compounds are matched perfectly. To help identify the direction of the polish, POLIFILM print with directional arrows or lines aiding subsequent processing and installation.

POLIFILM ensures reliable protection for demanding processes such as deep drawing or laser cutting. Our Universal Laser Film (ULF II) can be used for both CO2 and Fibre lasers, enabling faster machine speeds. For deep draw processes, POLIFILM PROTECTION products have specifically engineered memory properties ensuring compatibility for single stage and multi-stage processing. Our "Easy Peel" range increase the speed at which the film can be removed thereby increasing process efficiency thus reducing costs.

Colour and thickness options are vast: Our range includes transparent, translucent, Black, White and Black and White together. Thicknesses between 25 µm and 120 µm are available. POLIFILM PROTECTION films are especially suitable for decorative applications where visual appearance is particularly important.

Cost effective and environmentally friendly: Polyethylene (PE) films replace traditional more expensive materials, these benefits are enjoyed by our customers who with increased cost optimisation. With PE film, the use of oils and lubricants in the customers manufacturing process is reduced by more than 90% which creates an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ecologically damaging PVC films.

Laser Cutting (CO2 & Fiberlaser)

Laser Cutting (CO2 & Fiberlaser)

Laser cutting processes can affect the quality of Aluminium or Stainless Steel surfaces. POLIFILM PROTECTION laser protection films (CO2 and Fiberlaser) offer highly effective surface protection and ensure high quality cutting.

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Deep Drawing

Deep Drawing

Effective protection throughout production and beyond. POLIFILM PROTECTION offers solutions for every application. Light & Heavy deep drawing and process optimised Easy-Peel films for increased efficiency.

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White laser film for CO2 laser cutting

New generation. Universal Laser Protection Films for CO2 & fibre laser

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