Protection for Stainless Steel

Deep Drawing Protection Films

POLIFILM PROTECTION deep drawing films are always optimally matched to production requirements and provide reliable protection for valuable stainless steel surfaces against scratches and draw marks during light and heavy deep drawing. 

Effective protection - specially developed for deep drawing

Deep drawing is one of the most common processes for forming stainless steel sheets. POLIFILM PROTECTION deep drawing films support and protect during this process. As a result of their specially developed adhesive and film formulations, these films have the required restorative forces and adhesive properties to easily withstand the forces encountered during the forming process. 

Increased efficiency for deep drawing

As well as uncompromising surface protection, POLIFILM PROTECTION deep drawing films also ensure increased efficiency and process reliability: these coloured transparent films make a quick visual inspection possible at any time. POLIFILM PROTECTION deep drawing films can also be supplied with easy-peel properties, offering higher removal speeds and enhanced process efficiency.

Light deep drawing: Low drawing depths. Wide radii.

Polyethylene-based protective films for light deep drawing processes ensure an optimal balance between the required adhesive strength and release properties. They are gel free, tearproof, resistant to oil and humidity and remove cleanly during removal without the risk of residue. As a result of their reliable natural-rubber based adhesive they are also fully recyclable.

Heavy deep drawing: Large drawing depths. Tight radii.

These polyolefin-based V deep drawing films with their rubber-based adhesive system are suitable for any process requirement, especially for heavy deep drawing. They offer optimal protection during individual production and processing steps and throughout the whole processing chain. They contain minimal gel levels and excellent elasticity whilst adhering to even the most demanding shapes without tearing at the edges. Dependent on the product design they also have an extremely low memory effect which is critical in this process. They are, of course, fully recyclable.

Full Protection with Easy-Peel Properties

Full Protection with Easy-Peel Properties

Process optimised removal properties! Extremely fast, extremely safe, absolutely residue-free. High-performance protection films for deep drawing processes and special coatings in Household Appliance Industry.

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