Stretch Films

Machine Stretch Films

For automatic processing, POLIFILM produces machine stretch films with blown and cast extrusion techniques.

Different types of film with widely varying levels of maximum ductility and puncture resistance as well as a broad range of thicknesses and roll widths make it possible to cover the entire spectrum of processing requirements for stretch film.

According to the customer's wishes, POLIFILM stretch films can be made adhesive either inside or outside as well as smooth/extremely smooth inside or outside. Films can also be specially equipped with UV protection or anti-static finishes. Machine stretch films in accordance with standards for food are also available.

In cooperation with its customers, POLIFILM develops ideal packaging processes for their customers' needs. Following an analysis of the packaging scenario and on-site consultation, POLIFILM offers recommendations upon request on the film type and strength best suited to the specific application.

By utilising specially developed formulas, POLIFILM is able to produce stretch films with either standard or improved retention force with reduced film consumption as opposed to comparable products thereby lowering costs per pallet for their customers.

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