Machine Stretch Films

Bio-based machine stretch film solution

The extensions of the proven POLIFLEXX line from POLIFILM  EXTRUSION, offer you bio-based stretch films that meet the modern demands for sustainable load unit securing:

Precise performance for undamaged transports with optimi­sed environmental compatibility.

Automatically wrapped green 

With a guaranteed stretch of up to 200%, the green machine stretch film brings sustainability to all common stretch wrappers and around the load to be secured. The high tensile strength in longitudinal and transverse direction allows you to stretch continuously without snapping, to ensure that you benefit as usual in terms of load unit securing. However, should damage occur during the actual transport, the good tear resistance limits the tearing of the film and ensures that your packaged goods reach their destination safely. The well thought-out POLIFILM formulation provides additional support in the logistics process. Because it ensures a high level of transparency, even in stretched condition, for good barcode readability.

The most important advantages at a glance 

  • Extremely resistant due to good tear resistance as well as high shock and puncture resistance
  • With up to 200% elongation suitable for all common stretch winders
  • Suitable for a wide range of packaged goods and barcode-readable

POLIFLEXX GREEN STRETCH - What is that actually?! 

POLIFLEXX GREEN stretch films are bio-based stretch films, which meet POLIFILM standards in terms of quality and mechanical properties. The special feature is that more than 50% Green PE is used in the raw material recipe during production. This type is a bio-based polyethylene, which is obtained from the renewable agricultural product sugar cane. In accordance with the ASTM D 8866/14C standard of the international standardisation organisation, it has a minimum proportion of more than 87% bio-based PE. This has a positive effect on the CO2 balance from a raw material point of view. Of course, biobased PE films are also groundwater neutral and 100% recyclable, thus also turns them in a real green alternative in terms of their contribution to the circular economy.

Definitely more than green washing -this is what you achieve with the use of bio-based stretch films 

  • You improve the carbon footprint of your  company & that of your customers, because 1t Green PE binds 3t CO2
  • You differentiate yourself from the competition and qualify towards partners as sustainable company by identifying the potential for environmentallyconscious action also in the supply chain. 
  • You reduce the proportion of fossil raw materials used  in your load unit securing by more than 50%.
  • You meet society‘s expectations for responsible use of  plastics, because even bio-based polyethylene (PE) is  100% recyclable.


The expansion of the well-known POLIFLEXX line from POLIFILM EXTRUSION, offers you bio-based stretch films that meet the modern demands for sustainable load unit securing: Precise performance for intact shipments at optimised environmental compatibility.

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