Machine Stretch Films

Sustainable Machine Stretch Film
  • Up to a share of 30% post-consumer recyclate (PCR) 
  • 5-layer machine stretch film
  • Comparable properties with our POLIFILM stretch film type ACC01PLUS
  • Ideal for pallet wrapping and load unit security

It´s all about the right mixture 
Mechanical properties such as stretchability, puncture resistance and holding forces are crucial for a good stretch film. The big challenge when using recycled materials is to maintain these properties.​ By using a well thought-out mixture of virgin material and recycled material, POLIFILM Renate manages to realize this. ​The optimized formulation and processing know-how can compensate the effects of the shortened polymer chains that are typical for recyclate. In this way POLIFILM achieves with POLIFLEXX reNATE up to 30% recycled content. 

Extremely sustainable 
Our POLIFLEXX reNATE machine stretch film is extremely sustainable and environmental friendly. By using up to 30% post-consumer recycled material (PCR) and its 100% recyclability, POLIFLEXX reNATE contributes significantly to the circular economy.​