Technical Films

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With its broad selection of technical films, POLIFILM delivers top-quality solutions for a very wide range of applications. The film can be found as sealant film, e.g. in packing foodstuffs, packing for animal feed, coffee or products for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors; label film, such as labels for the cosmetics, personal hygiene and detergent industries as well as carrier film for coating applications.

Years of experience and sound expertise in the three areas of sealant films, carrier films and label films make it possible for us to react to exact customer requests and implement these quickly. One of POLIFILM's strengths is its cooperation with customers to develop innovative packaging solutions.

Each of our customers can rest assured that they will receive the best possible film products for their requirement profile – not least thanks to the constantly available support of the POLIFILM applications engineering team.

With 200 employees in two locations, the "Technical Films" unit sets the highest standards for quality, innovation and customer service. POLIFILM films are characterised by even profile distribution, narrow thickness and width tolerance and good flatness. With these qualities, customers attain excellent benefits during further processing.

All production processes can be depicted in our own pilot plants on a laboratory scale. This way, less time can be spent on costly sampling. In the Technical Films unit, POLIFILM practices a hygiene management system in accordance with the European Standard DIN EN 15593.

It is one of POLIFILM's goals to conserve resources and attain cost minimisation where raw materials, energy and workspace are concerned.

Moreover, redundant and high-tech extrusion systems in two Locations guarantee high supply reliability for the customer.