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With carrier films, POLIFILM has been producing innovative solutions for the coating lines industry for years. The films fulfil the high demands of durability, such as when deep drawing sheet metal. They also adhere to the specifications in the steel industry, for example coating coils.

POLIFILM's portfolio includes carrier films for the following applications: Carpet film, window profile film, film for stainless steel as well as all other types of metal (e.g. highly sensitive aluminium surfaces), film for the deep drawing sector, and universal laser film.

POLIFILM covers the entire spectrum: white, black, black-white as well as tinted translucent, and transparent.

POLIFILM carrier films are characterised by excellent flatness, very low gel count and a good thickness profile. They are suitable for all traditional types of coating such as mayrbar, rotogravure, and gap coating, as well as for all conventional types of adhesive such as natural rubber adhesive or water-based or solvent-based acrylate.

A combination of product optimisations realised together with operators, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, guarantee the best results for sophisticated and individualised application profiles - that means ideal utilisation of resources, efficiency, and viability under any conditions.

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