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High quality sealant films from POLIFILM preserve safety and package integrity of convenience foods, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products. Sealing is integral to maintaining the purity, freshness and leak-proof conditions of packaged products. Whether products are heated, cooled or stored on a shelf for long periods of time, the barrier protection is useless if the sealing component of the package is not intact.

When the film is used in the foodstuff, medical and pharmaceutical sectors or in non-food applications, more stringent packaging requirements apply. High demands are set for the quality of the products used in order to protect the packaged goods from adverse effects due to contaminants or spoilage.

Thanks to the selected material combinations, the film is suited to protect critical products such as toothpaste, spices or liquids.

Further applications are coffee packaging, cheese & dairy, laundry detergent packaging, refillable packaging, cereals, pet food, soft drinks and cosmetics.

POLIFILM develops the best possible formula for any application: Ideal utilisation of resources and promoting product optimisation in consultation with the customer - combined with implementing cutting-edge technologies - guarantees the best results even for the most demanding and specific requests.

POLIFILM sealant films are also available as a monoextruded or coextruded film with up to five layers and can be equipped with special properties such as easy peel, high hot-tack or re-closable upon request.


There are numerous ways to make packaging more sustainable. That's why we collaborate with our customers to select the approach that provides the best for their particular application - in the manufacturing process and in consideration of environmental aspects.

To learn more about how we are getting fit for the circular economy, click here.


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