Competency without compromises

Proven formulas, modern technology and expertly trained personnel guarantee our customers the quality they expect to receive from us. We pride ourselves by beating these expectations.

Our films are exclusively manufactured from certified raw materials. The processed granules arrive via silos directly into our production division, thus ensuring precise availability with the flexibility we need.

We produce our films using machinery from renowned manufacturers. We constantly monitor quality during the entire manufacturing process, from the gravimetric dosage using automated measurement through to our visual inspection of the films via optical control systems. All production parameters are recorded and provide information regarding the production process at any given time. This allows us to react immediately to any potential issues.

In addition to adhesive coated protection films, POLIFILM also offers co-extruded, uncoated self-adhesive films.
These protection film solutions combine the film extrusion and adhesive extrusion in one process. Traditionally coated films requires at least 2 steps. With our co-extrusion manufacturing, the production process is reduced thereby increasing productivity and cost efficiency which is also enjoyed by our customers.

Our technological experience enables us to develop films to meet the ever more demanding requirements of our customers now and in the future.