The correct handling of plastics is the key to success - economically, ecologically and socially.

We are convinced of the technological versatility of plastics and the resulting advantages for users and consumers in specific applications. In order to develop these, conscious handling - from sourcing to disposal - is a key function. As a plastics processing company, we are aware of the effects we have on the environment and society and are aware of the resulting responsibilities.

Based on this, for us at POLIFILM, sustainability is more than a rigid concept enriched with emission calculations which we place over existing principles and processes. For us, sustainability is much more the interlinking of topics that were essential to us long before the concept of sustainability gained relevance in our daily business.

The responsible conscious use of the resources available to us, the attentive treatment of the environment in which we operate and the confidence in achieving more together have also made us what we are today and will be in the future.

The understanding of our CSR strategy with its three


  • economic strengthening
  • ecological protection
  • and social care
POLIFILM CSR-Report 2018 | 2019

POLIFILM CSR-Report 2018 | 2019

A more detailed insight into these three fields of action, their related strategic goals as well as the framework for our CSR strategy you can find in our CSR Report.

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