Protective films for tempered glass: POLIFILM stands out by assured delivery

Glass manufacturers are currently struggling with delivery failures from some protective film suppliers who are often unable to keep their promises due to a shortage of raw materials. Manufacturers of tempered safety glass are particularly affected. In their search for alternative suppliers, more and more customers are finding their way to POLIFILM UK LIMITED.

Managing Director, Mr Howard Byrne explains in an interview, why the protective film specialist assures easy availability and short delivery times when others seem to struggle.     

Mr Byrne, while other companies declare 'force majeure' with their clients, POLIFILM UK Limited claims to be able to close the supply gap in the market virtually single-handedly. What do you do differently?

Howard Byrne: "In terms of production and logistics, we differ from our competitors in significant ways. On one hand, we are part of the POLIFILM Group. Our production is global, decentralised and extremely flexible. We can increase our capacities when the market requires it. In addition, our plants can produce very quickly as raw materials are in place due to our economy of scale. We also have very efficient logistics partners in place, we assure the availability of our films with guaranteed delivery even in these times of general raw material and logistics shortages."

Does the fact that you are based here in the UK also play a role?

Howard Byrne: "It actually plays an important role. We are one of the few suppliers in this country to maintain our own warehouse with an extensive stock. This makes us more flexible than the competition. Moreover, because our warehouse is located in Daventry in The Midlands, we are in the heart of our country, we offer all customers in the UK the same excellent transit times. We pride ourselves knowing that goods ordered from UK stock can arrive with our customers in 24 hours from receipt of order."

Your protective films for tempered glass are currently in particularly high demand. What is the reason for this?

Howard Byrne: "On one hand, this is because many customers are looking for a new, reliable supplier who can assure supply in the current market situation. On the other hand, it is also due to the fact that our protective films for tempered glass have been very popular for many years. At POLIFILM, we are not content to supply just any protective film. In addition to effectively protecting sensitive and valuable surfaces, our products always offer customers optimum processing properties and increase their productivity and efficiency. More and more glass manufacturers appreciate this."

What does that mean exactly, using your protective films for tempered glass as an example?

Howard Byrne: "Our protective films for safety glass application are coextruded films. They are not coated with an adhesive layer, rather the adhesive is already integrated into the film through the extrusion process. In the case of tempered glass, this is eminently important because when the film is applied, the surface is still warm, glass surfaces are very sensitive and when applying a film to any warm surface, in this case caused by the tempering process, it is critical the film can remove easily and cleanly. Our films can withstand this temperature change without any problems and can be removed quickly and without leaving any residue. Another advantage is their transparency: it allows manufacturers to scan barcode labels even after the film has been applied. Additionally, we provide our protective films in film thicknesses from 30 to 40 µm and in widths up to 2700 mm, depending on what the customer needs."

Mr Byrne, thank you very much for this interview.