Many of our employees have been with us for many years. This is a great advantage for our customers. We also foster relationships with most of our customers over many years. We hereby take the term 'foster' literally. Starting with the great employee loyalty through to the strategic alignment of our research and development work, we are always very close to our customers and their requirements. We supply our customers with individual solutions for every conceivable film application - either from our broad product range or as a tailor-made development.

We concentrate on our core competence.

Also in future we shall only be active in market sectors in which we shape and advance the developments. Because that is the only place we are able to move something. For the same reason we delegate as much responsibility as possible to the countries. Our people on site know best what our customers on site need and want. This strategy has a positive effect on our customers worldwide - because we gain access to an extremely broad spectrum of experience and products and are able to thus develop the next leading film solutions.

Excellence in films, quality awareness and commitment for our customers through individual solutions have a longstanding tradition at POLIFILM. Decades of customer relationships and continued positive corporate development are living proof. We have been increasing our turnover on average by 16 percent every year since the foundation in 1972.

Our history - it began in a garage in Remscheid

1972     Foundation of Poli-Folien Vertriebs GmbH
1979Commencement of coating production
1980Foundation of first branch abroad
1983 Commencement of film extrusion
1990Purchase of Alphatec International S.A., France (today POLI-FILM France SAS)
1991Foundation of ORBITA-FILM GmbH, Germany
1999Foundation of Poli-Coat GmbH, Germany
2000Foundation of ORBITA-CAST GmbH, Germany
2006Purchase of 50% of POLEG Plastic Industries (1998) Ltd.
2007Both sons of the founder of the company enter the company
2007Foundation of POLI-FILM (China SuZhou) Manufacturing Co. Ltd., China
2010Commencement of film production at POLI-FILM India Pvt. Ltd., India
2011Both sons are appointed Managing Directors of POLI-FILM Verwaltungs GmbH
2013Introduction of umbrella brand POLIFILM for the group of companies
2015POLIFILM to acquire Mondi Osterburken
2016Relocation of the heaquarter to Cologne
2016POLIFILM to acquire WMS Folien, PROTEC Italy & Folag Vietnam